Appraisal of agricultural land

With the development of the market land relations in Ukraine, the role of expert money estimation of the earth is constantly growing, so as no information about the value of the land cannot be successful transactions with land plots. You certainly want to make economically sound decisions and want to have objective information on the cost of interest of land. Therefore, assessment of land becomes a necessity.

First and foremost, the assessment of agricultural land based on their permitted and most efficient use of allowing for the agricultural zoning. Experience shows that there are two options for assessing agricultural land.

In the first case, the estimated agricultural lands which were acquired subsequent to reclassification of land, such as industrial purpose or for private habitation.

In the second case, it is agricultural land used for its intended purpose. The plots of land belonging to the first group can be assessed using the method of comparative analysis, comparing them with similar plots, which plans to eventually transfer to another category. Proposals for the sale of these plots can be easily distinguished from the soliciting sales of plots, the second category.