Services and price

The current instability of the economic situation in Ukraine, leading to a significant increase in risk when buying - selling, lending, investing and other transactions. It is very clearly expressed in purchasing a business, where one of the main problems - the definition of value of the acquiree.Of course, the buyer's and the seller's opinion on the value of the enterprise do not always coincide. Therefore, the use of independent experts to carry out complex work in consulting, business planning, valuation of businesses and the successful completion of the transaction becomes a necessity.

"Ukrainian Institute of Law and Appraisal" LLC was created by a group of experts working in the field of business planning, consulting and business valuation for more than 10 years. The company accumulated the necessary experience and all the practical expertise to assist Clients in solving problems of any complexity.

Our company offers a number of expert valuation services for business planning, consultancy and valuation companies.