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The Institute has strong scientific and methodical, and professional affiliations with:

Federation of auditors, accountants and financiers of Ukraine

Federation of auditors, accountants and financiers of Ukraine - Ukrainian professional social organization. Created in 2003 on the basis of Scientific and Methodological Council for the accounting and auditing in the APV, which operated under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine since 1992.
Brings together more than two thousand members. Has regional offices in the regions of Ukraine. Part of the Public Council at the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.



International Institute of Audit

On the audit market since 1993.
Member of International Association of DFK International (TOP 10 in the ranking of international associations of accounting firms), which has more than 370 offices in 82 countries worldwide.



Institute of Accounting and Finance

Higher education and research institution in the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (scientific coordination)



Magazine Accounting and Finance of AIC

Since 2004, provides support for economic services sector agricultural enterprises through the magazine, "Accounting and Finance of AIC" and the accounting portal


Institute of Agricultural Economics

The National Research Center Institute of Agricultural Economics, the only specialized research institutions of Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.