Appraisal of agricultural projects

Ukrainian National Institute of Law and assessment - one of the leaders in the valuation of specialized agricultural projects. Since the founding of the company are specialists of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, which is developing a methodological framework for assessing areas of agribusiness:

  • Assessment of livestock farms
  • Assessment of special agricultural machinery,
  • evaluation of cattle,
  • Assessment of perennial plants,
  • assessment of future harvests.

The assessment is made in view of the functioning of the agricultural sector, the seasonality of production, climatic conditions and economic performance of agricultural enterprises.

The need to assess the value of property of agricultural enterprises, and especially objects such as: agricultural crops, crop and livestock production, perennial plants, livestock and poultry, aquaculture, due primarily to the need (and in some cases - the duty under the law), insurance of agricultural risks (freezing, drought, fire, hurricane, etc.). To date, insurance is mandatory crop and perennial plantings state agricultural enterprises, as well as grain crops and sugar beet by agricultural enterprises of all ownership forms.

In order to preserve the property interests of the owner of agricultural enterprises, which are already in the current environment is not easy to work, you need an independent view on the value of the insured property, since it depends on the amount of the insurance payment received by agricultural producers in damages.