Appraisal apartments

Various real estate transactions can not do without determining the value of the property, without reasonable assessment of the property (assessment of the apartment).

The cost of an apartment is determined by the comparison of information about the object and reference - the standard cost of sales of homes with similar characteristics. Amount determined by the appraiser, and shall be deemed market value of which will be shown in the official document, which will give the appraiser after assessing the apartment: "The report on estimating the market value of the apartment."

Documents required to assess the value of the apartment:

  • evidence of ownership of the apartment;
  • explication of the apartment;
  • floor plan of the apartment;
  • Help BTI state apartments;
  • permission for alterations (if any).

If necessary, can be requested additional information to assess the value of the apartment (on conventionally fixed and variable costs). All of the above documents are provided in the form of photocopies (notarization is not necessary). Information on legal persons, which is represented as a reference, signed by a responsible person and sealed.

Assessment of the apartment includes all features of an object property valuation: location, footage, layout, distance from infrastructure, the state of decoration, the category of building, number of floors at home, etc.