Intellectual Property Appraisal

The development of market relations has changed the pricing system for intellectual property. They are exclusive rights of the owner, acquired the status of the product and are the same kind of property, as well as physical objects.

Commercialization of intellectual property is a very urgent task, the successful solution of which gives the possibility of real income from the monopoly ownership of exclusive rights. If these rights are objectively evaluated, have received proper clearance, have legal protection and market demand, they are converted into liquid assets of your company

Into the commercial created and protected intellectual property contributes to the formation of a new additional source of revenue for the company.

Firstly, scientific and technical potential of the enterprise - inventions, industrial models, plant varieties, animal breeds and other intellectual property rights - is already working on the production, being the basis of its competitiveness.

Second, the cost of rights to inventions, industrial models, animal breeds, plant varieties, and other objects, it is necessary to make them balance as intangible assets, which they can be used in commercial activities and generate additional revenue.

In these and other commercial use of intellectual property (bringing in the share capital, collateral) is assessed by the Institute: trademarks, patents, inventions, "know-how" of computer programs, databases and other objects.