Real Estate Appraisal

Conduct peer review of property and property rights will help you to highly skilled Ukrainian Institute of Law and assessment. Result of work - a detailed report on the independent evaluation of the rationale for the magnitude of value of the object.

The Institute carries out an assessment of all standard and special-purpose properties:

  • apartments, residential buildings (urban housing and suburban housing);
  • Commercial Real Estate (administrative, production, sales and warehouse facilities and systems);
  • Industrial Property;
  • social, including social, cultural, medical and sports buildings;
  • special facilities (energy, public security, and bridges);
  • transmission devices.

We have extensive experience in performing work on the expert assessment of real estate of all kinds - from evaluation of flats and garages to large industrial real estate appraisal (including specialized) firms.

Provide favorable conditions for the evaluation of collateral, purchase, lease of state property.