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About Us

"Ukrainian Institute of Law and Appraisal" LLC combines’ high-quality experts with unique experience in the independent assessment of the market value of companies and real estate consulting and business planning. The company has incorporated all the necessary expertise, skills and experience that allow us to quickly and easily solve all your problems.

In each case, evaluators apply individual approaches to the definition of value, taking into account the specific purpose of the evaluation.

Independent evaluation is an integral part of business decision-making by:

  • determining thefair valueof the propertyat the conclusion ofcontracts of sale, other disposition;
  • sales and other transactions with land;
  • formulation of enterprise assets in the balance sheet;
  • revaluation of fixed assets in accounting;
  • the transfer of facilities to the charter capital of legal entities;
  • transfer of the property as collateral for the loan;
  • the transfer of property to rent and insurance;
  • purchase and lease of state and municipal property;
  • to court to establish the amount of compensation for the loss;
  • in dealing with property disputes;
  • the distribution of property.